Our Modules
With a range of extensions available, you can customize our system to your very needs.

Highly customizable system

Ecmanage is an online clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) system which can be used to control the process of ordering new garments and accessories. Our platform is accessible and easy to use, but can be adapted extensively to your personal and professional needs.

ERP System

It is possible to integrate your ERP system with Ecmanage to automate the ordering process.

Complaints module

The complaints module makes it possible to interact with your customers. A customer can create a complaint and you can manage these.

Single Sign On

SSO makes it possible for your clients to sign in onto the Ecmanage platform without providing username and password.

Integration OCI system

Ecmanage can work together with purchasing systems. Using this model the shopping cart of Ecmanage can be sent to the purchasing system for approval.

Project Module

With the additional project module of Ecmanage it is possible for a manager of the system to make projects per department.

Module for Schools

Module for Schools, provide specific functionality for schools including the self registration op pupils.

Stock Management

The stock management module automatically keeps track of stock levels. Periodic updates of ERP stock levels will ensure an accurate indication is available in Ecmanage.

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