Ecmanage: the wardrobe management system
We offer a solution for the complete ordering process of company clothing, personal protective equipment (PPE) and other equipment.

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Ecmanage is an online clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE) system which can be used to control the process of ordering new garments and accessories. Our platform is accessible and easy to use, but can be adapted extensively to your personal and professional needs.


A simplified and innovative way to re-order PPE clothing and accessories
Insight in the supplied company clothing, PPE and other personal equipment
Signalization of periodic inspections for PPE and other personal equipment
Cost effective
ISO / IEC 27001 certified
We take data privacy very serious


Our system benefits two main types of user:

Suppliers of company clothing and PPE.
Organizations with one or more purchase channels that need to be able to control the puchase and issue of clothing and PPE.


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